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So remember the first year at lccc , second semester, when we were in control of our glee concert? That was so stressful and fun and frustrating. And remember the dress rehearsal the day of the performance? All the girls were practicing the song I was in charge of and it was not coming together. We were all so frustrated because of the lack of time to rehearse and we decided to take a break. I was so angry because I have this need to make everything perfect and the song was far from perfect. I couldn’t take it anymore and I left to go sit in my car and be upset. Then I happened to look up and I saw you walking to my car in mirror . I got so mad at you because I knew that you were going to say something to make me feel better and I just wanted to sit and be mad. you came over to my car and told me some variation of everything will be okay and that I shouldn’t stress. And of course it made me feel better. You always knew how to take control of crazy situations and make everyone feel like everything would work out. Everything actually turned out pretty good that night at the performance. Just like you said. I just randomly though of that memory and it made me smile 
=) I hope this makes you smile. And if it doesn’t, think of all of our terrible cheesy dancing. That would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Amelia G.

There was one night I was hardcore panic-attacking (yes, that’s a verb now) and I called you up because I needed a friend, and being the most-hated kid in the department I didn’t have many of those. And in my time of need, you didn’t answer your damn phone. The next morning, you asked me why the heck I was calling you at 2 in the morning, so I told you I had a mental breakdown.
You asked me, “You know what I do when I’m having mental breakdowns?”
You looked me dead in the eye and said, “I don’t have mental breakdowns. Don’t be a bitch. Get shit done.”
I went from shocked, to pissed, to laughing in the span of about 20 seconds. You had exactly the right words to get me off my ass, shake it off, and get back to what I needed to do.
You reminded me that some times stuff sucks, and it’s okay to hurt. But when it comes down to it, you gotta get back on your feet and keep living.
Thanks for being that asshole friend who calls me out on being a pansy, and gives me inspiration and strength every day. Love ya Adam.

Meghan B.

Adam, lots of memories of you have flooded my mind over the past couple weeks, but there is one that keeps replaying. It was actually during the rehearsal for my wedding. I hadn’t even asked you and Damon to come and help set everything up, but being the angels that you are- you were there. Nothing was going right. I found myself venting to my closest friends (my bridesmaids, Damon, & yourself) about my frustrations, when suddenly you landed on the floor…
This being a pretty “Adam” thing to do, I didn’t even flinch. But then you looked up at me, “Arm wrestle.” I quickly reminded you that I was in a dress and trying to somewhat remain ladylike, but still you insisted in an Arnold Swarzenegger voice- “Do it! Do it now!” So low and behold, despite everything that needed to be done, I found myself on the floor in a ruffled pink dress-arm wrestling Adam. After a few minutes of me letting it my frustration, you very graciously let me win.
Then you looked at me very serious, “Everything is going to be okay, now go do what you have to do and we’ll do whatever you need.”
That’s you Adam… You’ve always been that voice to calm the storm in everyone.

Kim B.

“I feel like I need to share this video again. Just to show one reason why I love Adam. There was never a dull moment in life with him around. I’ve been telling my roommates (and anyone who will listen to me rant and rave) about Adam theses past few weeks. This is one of my favorite memories.”
– Bobbijo Q.

Adam, I remember the first time I played tuba next to you in Wind Symphony… I had never taken a private lesson before, and I thought I was a hotshot tuba player from Ohio. you pretty much buried me. Me, being the stupid 18 year old that I was, felt defeated, and questioned myself as a musician. You told me not to sweat it, and that I would catch up after some practice and hard work. I took that advice to heart, and by the end of that semester, up to last spring, you and I had a lot of fun playing next to each other (and occasionally making fun of the other sections of the band). It is simply not the same without you playing next to me. You’ve also been witness to some pretty bad (and rather awkward) moments in my life for the past few years. You’ve always been kind, never judgmental, and very blunt when I needed it. I thank you for that.

Brad B.

One time we were sitting in the lounge and I had a ruff day so you grabbed my foot and began rubbing it. When a class was let out there was a large group of people standing in the door way looking at you with strange looks on their faces. You turned around and winked at my sister. You asked if she wanted one too. When the group raised their eyebrows at you almost in shock. You looked at your lap and noticed the angle that you were sat in and then repeatedly exclaimed “It’s a foot, it’s a foot!”
The next is when Kathleen and I had a huge amount of frozen yogurt that was out dated for us to sell but it was still perfectly fine to eat. We brought three cases of yogurt that equaled up to 117 three ounce cups. We were expecting to have to beg people to take one our two and eat them. After telling you about the nutritional value you took all three cases home with you.

Sarina G.

Oh Adam
🙂 so many great memories. I always thought Sammy, you and I were the dynamic trio. You definitely made Pilates a lot more entertaining and got me hooked to the show Wipeout. 
🙂 you even shared your friends in the music department and introduced us to some pretty great people. We loved going to your concerts and listening to your beautiful voice! You had your own little fan section 
🙂 thank you for setting an example of compassion and caring. You’re a fighter and one of the strongest people I know.

Dallas B.

“Hahahaha this is when you, Adam, thought that I had farted on your head! I still blame my stomach.”
– Sammy B.

When I went to visit good ol’ Adam this past summer when he was in the hospital, it was the day he was finding out the results of a big test. He had asked everyone to pray at 1:30. So…1:30 comes around, & he asks me to pray with him.
Now, I’m not a very religious person. I am, however, faithful, & through my faith, I prayed out loud for the first time since I was a little girl. & you know something? It felt good. & I believe, through my own & everyone else who has been praying/sending positive vibes/whatever it is people do & have done to help, it has worked.
There’s two sayings I fully believe in: 1) Everything happens for a reason. Even if there isn’t an answer to why it happens, there is absolutely a reason for it to happen. 2) When in doubt, smile. Because there’s always a reason to smile, right? 
Adam, you are, without a doubt, one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling a friend. You are in my thoughts, prayers, & you have positive energy always heading your way. I know I’m not the only one doing that; you have so many people who love & support you. We’re here for you. 
Keep your head up, Batman. You got this.

Amanda D.

I was thinking about when we did little shop of horrors together and you always helped me with my cues because I can’t keep rhythm.

Lacey L.

Adam I sat here and thought a while about what to write, I have funny stories, and stories that make no sense to any normal person haha but I decided not to share a story but rather a thought. Adam you made a great impact on my life in the time I was there, you made my experience a great one. You are so strong and determined and may I add a hunk! Just you being around and being happy made everyone happy. You can light up a room just by simply entering it, you can make a persons bad day a great one just with your caring ways and funny sense of humor. The world needs more people like you, you are a prime example of how a man should carry himself and I am beyond words to have a friend that is so extraordinary.

Taylor C.

Adam, you are such a huge inspiration here in Cheyenne to so many people. Your work ethic here and your constant drive to push ahead I feel, was my inspiration to do better in school and get my own act together. You always do everything in your power to do well and and succeed, and that is so incredibly infectious to the people around you. We miss having you up here so very much. Your smiles and jokes brightened everyone’s day, and you made it so fun to be in class with you. I have nothing but fond memories of you from our time together at LCCC.

Cheyenna L.

I remember the day that me and toy met u…we all went to chili’s for supper and they told us we had to wait like 20 minutes to be seated and we looked around and all the tables we empty…and now mad I was…u were a great friend to Kelsey and I am so glad u and her were friends. U were a very positive person in her life…I have thought about u often and sent prayers your way..God Bless u truly are a wonderful person and glad we got to know u.

Brenda L.

“So this…I don’t know if you remember saying this, but we were all sitting at a table at lunch and I think it was Dallas who started eating her pudding with a fork an I mentioned that that was weird. Someone else started to eat pudding but took the whipped cream off and that was weird and then you went around the table saying all the things everyone did that was weird and then said this! You always made everyone smile and I thank you for that.”
– Britt H.

Oh Adam, it brings tears to my eyes to write this. You sir, you are so special. You’re sweet and smart and one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever gotten the chance to meet. I’ll never forget when you serenaded me on my birthday, I couldn’t stop laughing! I am so unbelievably thankful I got the chance to know you.

Letecia G.

I met you through drama when we did the play Grease. We were dance partners then. It was awkward at first! But then when I saw how carefree you were and how you always smiled and laughed through it all, it made that play so much fun and so worth it! I still remember it like it was yesterday. It was so much fun. Adam, we love you! ❤️

Bri R.

“I’ll miss you forever. I’ll remember you like you were on this day: happy, carefree, strong, loving and hilarious. And I’ll carry our memories around forever.”
– Teresa K.

It’s funny that, even though I’ve only known you for two years, some of the memories made are the ones I’ll never forget. Like you and Haley driving me home after the Halloween party, because I couldn’t even walk straight. Both of you were my Knights in Shining Armor that night. Or just a few days before, when you, Emily, Garth and Dillon came over to my apartment to watch scary movies, and all of you stayed an hour later because my roommate was gone and I was scared to be by myself. That time in the music lounge, when you gave me a Major League Baseball player’s full-force slap to the ass because I did the same to Cheyanna and Amanda (admittedly, I had that one coming). Or when I thought I could help you with some of your Spanish songs for Juries , but we both gave up and went down to Ian Caldon’s office for help. 
I hope to see you again someday. But for right now, rest in peace. I know that you are better where you are. Love you, buddy.

Read F.

When Adam wanted to get his strength back (while in the hospital), he walked up and down the hall. I went to visit, and so I walked with him. He really wanted to walk a mile, but we got to talked and ended up walking up and down the hallway 80 times. The next day we were both so sore!

When Adam took me on a date, he kept asking me what my friends thought of him. I asked “Why does it even matter?” His response was this: “You know that Spice Girls song?” Then he started singing, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.”

My memories of Adam are more about his character and his personality. He was genuine and real and had a sense of humor that lit up the room. I do remember the chance that he and I had to work out together. Almost after every set we both would walk over to each other and flex. Feeling like we were getting buffer and manlier with every set we did.

Adam and I met at Wester State Honor Choir. His choir teacher and my choir teacher were really close so our choirs always roomed together and hung out. Our first years of college, I posted that me and some friends were taking a trip to the sand dunes. He texted me and said he was heading that way anyways and asked if he could tag along. So we packed a sled and some lunches and him and all my friends who he had never met before took an adventure to the sand dunes. He was the most enthusiastic of us all. Riding the sled like a surf board and playing in the water like a little kid. He became best friends with people he had known for one day. I will miss him dearly.

I was in honor choir with Adam for several years. We were at the Western State Honor Choir and our groups went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. A man who barely spoke English filled Adam’s water glass and without missing a beat Adam said, “Gracias!” I cried I laughed so hard.

There are too many amazing memories to pick out a particular one. Adam, you always showed such kindness and love to everyone you encountered. Your spirit for making others happy is something rare. There are no words or emotions to describe the impact you have had on my life. I am so blessed to have met you and gotten to know you as a person. Your spirit will always keep me going.


One of my best memories of Adam was when I talked him and Ron into being in Cantorei with me. Adam didn’t want to because he was already in so many classes. We were in the music lounge between classes and I wormed it out of him that he wasn’t busy at that time, so I told them to come once and then decide. He looked at Ron and said he would if he did. So they did. I promptly marched them down to add the class.

Aubrey Balfour

One of my favorite memories is when him and I watched the show, Wipeout, for 24 hours at least. We laughed and laughed and laughed. We had several meaningful talks about life and school. It meant a lot to me that he would listen for that long.


We had our family “Christmas.” Adam got so excited to see Santa… he actually started jumping up and down in excitement. 🙂

Singing with Adam at the Glee 2 concert was such an honor for me. He was one of the people who helped me find my singing voice. Thanks, Lil Brother. 🙂

I have so many fond memories of Adam.. I remember one time we went to the grocery store and went through the entire store acting like a robot! Totally Random and Totally Adam!

One of my favorite memories of Adam was when we played racquetball. He had such spirit when he played and always made things entertaining… And the trip to New Orleans was made by the antics and bright smile that made Adam who he was. He will never be forgotten, and I am a better person for being able to call him my friend. Rest in peace, Adam.

Ron Rather

I remember the very FIRST time I met Adam. He was in the LCCC music lounge, shirtless. The first thing he said to me? “Hi, I’m Batman.”

Adam and I would do Batman routines back and forth forever, and we would each laugh at each other’s cheesy jokes.

We were playing “Making Whoopee” and Gary asked Adam to play in front of the rhythm section. So he stood right in front of me and played. We made some eye contact and his playing was beautiful. It wasn’t awkward having him play trombone one foot in front of me. It was a wonderful memory of him playing. Also, groundies was so much fun Adam. 🙂